• Terms And Conditions

    Terms and Conditions


    1.  Please note that you must pay the full expense and 50% of the development cost prior to the project initiation.

    2.  Content must be provided for the website prior to the initiation of development.

    3.  If any client fails to make necessary payments within the provided due date, late fee charges shall be levied accordingly.

    4.  Annual maintenance charge (AMC) should be paid before the final month of the year for proper renewal.

    5.  Full access will not be granted until all pending dues and unclear amounts are cleared.

    6.  In case the project development stops due to insufficient content provided by the client or any other reason and renders the project to be incomplete, the client will still have to pay the annual maintenance charge (AMC) as scheduled.

    7.  In case of any request for the removal of watermark of the developer at the footer, the client is liable to provide appropriate compensation.

    8.  Any technical issues with the website will be resolved within 2-3 days after complaint.

    9.  In case a client fails to clear the AMC dues before the set deadline the future services including domain and mail accounts will cease to be functional and will be terminated.

    10. In case of addition or removal of content which is not covered by the initial contract agreed upon by the concerned parties, extra charges will be applicable.

    11. Payments for SEO should be cleared within the first week of every month or by the date agreed upon.

    12. In case of failure to make payments within the deadline the services shall be discontinued.

    13. In case of cancellation of any service or project once initiated, the advance paid shall not be refundable.

    14. Failure to abide by the aforementioned terms shall result in a strict action.